MR 99 Leak detection spray (Box of 12 cans)


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12 cans of 400ml. MR® 99 Leak detector
 for leak detection with the bubble test procedure acc. to EN 1593

General appearance and composition:
• MR® 99 Leak detector is suitable for finding smallest leaks in all objects which are under gas or air pressure resp. when using a vacuum box.
• Once applied, the foam creates bubbles wherever leaks may be.
• MR® 99 Leak detector is suitable for testing gas fittings, pipe systems, pressure vessels, etc.
• Processing temperature 0 – 50 °C

Relevant approvals and specifications
• DVGW-certificate availabe on request.

• Contaminations like fat, rust, slag etc. should be removed from the testing area because surface contaminations can create or cover bubbles and cause wrong indications.
• Spray MR® 99 Leak detector on the testing area from a distance of approx. 30 cm.
• Cover the area with a vacuum box and evacuate.
• Under the inspection glass of the evacuated vacuum box foam shows up where air flows through continuous discontinuities. To ensure that even tiny leaks become visible the vacuum under the box must be maintained for at least 30 s.
• After inspection, MR® 99 Leak detection spray can - if necessary - be removed from the surface with water.

Minimum shelf life:
• Stored at room temperature, will keep for a minimum of aerosols: 4 years solution and concentrate: 1 year

Pack sizes:
• MR® 99 Leak detector, aerosols, 400 ml contents (1 box = 12 aerosols)
• MR® 99 Leak detector, solution ready for use in 10 L bulks
• MR® 99 A Leak detector, concentrate, in 10 L bulks (dilute 1:10 in water)