MR 751 Special Ultrasonic coupling agent (Peel-able)


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This product contains a 250 ml. bottle of Special Ultrasonic coupling agent.

General appearance and composition:
· Gel free of nitrite
· In water soluble
· Good miscibility and compatibility with cleaners, antifreezers and surface treatment agents
· The gel is very suitable for air displacement between probe and surface
· The gel can be used between - 5 °C and + 50 °C. It is not combustible and does not have to be labelled due to the calculation procedure of the "General Classification guideline for preparations of the EU" in the latest valid version.

Relevant approvals and specifications
· Batch certificates according to PMUC available on request. The quality is suitable for nuclear power plants etc., as the corrosive components are clearly below 200 ppm.
· Examination of corrosive ingredients according to ASME Code, Section V, Article 6, T-641 and Article 5, T-533

· MR® 751 Special Ultrasonic coupling agent is suitable for non destructive testing using the ultrasonic test method to find cracks, blowholes, air locks, caverns etc. After testing, MR® 751 Special Ultrasonic coupling agent is easily removable with water. Alternatively, it can be stripped off the surface like a skin after drying.
· Apply MR® 751 on the surface of materials. Bring probe into contact with the surface and begin testing. MR® 751 will disperse evenly under the probe.
· MR® 751 may be used for coated materials, plastics, rubber/metal-compounds, etc. We recommend tests prior to extended use.
· Possible dilution: The gel can be diluted with up to 2 parts water according to internal requirements.
· Please remove MR® 751 immediately after testing.

Minimum durability:
· Will keep for a minimum of 2 years, stored at room temperature
Pack sizes:  250 ml, 5 L or 25 L


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