KM50 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector w/ DAC

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Model/Product no.: KM50
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Standard package includes:

  • KM50 w/ DAC 
  • Angleprobe 60' 4MHz 
  • Normal Probe 
  • 2 cables 
  • Battery
  • AC adaptor/charger
  • software + cable
  • Usermanual
  • Transport/storage case


• Simple to use, quick to operate,
from basic to challenging inspection requirements.
• From high frequency inspections for
thin materials up to low frequency for
attenuative materials.
• From automotive, power generation,
oil and gas to aerospace applications.

Harsh field and industrial


• Extended temperature range from
0℃ to 60 ℃.
• Weighs only 2.0 kg.
• Extended battery life to 8 hours
under real test conditions.

Fast and bright color screen

Color brings you many additional ben-
efits in your daily inspection job:
• Color display of monitor gates and
curves (DAC, TCG,) for direct
• Color coded display of legs for
angle beam inspection of welds

Color-coded display of legs in tests using
angle-beam probes
• Use of color to display references
(A-scan) to make comparisions easy

• Colorized envelope curve display

for echo dynamic analysis
• Multicolor screen combinations for
operator preferences and to select best

Square Wave Pulser (option)

suitable color scheme according to the
working environment.
Selectable and tunable for optimum
probe matching to satisfy a wide range
of tough-to-penetrate applications.
• For low frequencies, square wave
pulsers allow optimum probe matching
by adjusting pulse width and voltage.
• Difficult to penetrate metallic
applications and especially non- metals
inspection like composite materials are
• Pulse width is tunable up to 1000 ns
in 10 ns steps for optimum probe
matching and versatility in meeting a
wide range of applications.
• Pulser voltage is adjustable from 25
to 500 V in 10 V steps.

DAC functions

Recording reference echoes in DAC
mode will be simplified by automatic
gain adjustment. The echo to be re-
corded will be set automatically at
80 % and stored the dB-difference to
the first reference echo can be
displayed, if needed. The new
JIS-DAC meets the latest JIS
Z3060-2002 specifications.

Pulse energy (Spike mode)
Low energy (70V)
High energy(500V)
Square wave excitation pulse (option)
Pulse Voltage 20 to 500 V adjustable in 10 V increments
Pulse Width Tunable from 20 to 1000 ns in 10 ns increments