D2000 Digital USB videoscope

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Model/Product no.: D2000-55D-F-2M-SM
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Intuitive interface
  for your operations/data management
Advanced image processing technology
  Superior image quality
Desktop/Laptop connections via USB
  Plug and play (driver installation is needed)
Mirror function
  Horizontal/vertical mirror for code identification
Snap shot and video recording
  Records VGA resolution (640x480 pixel) video clips and still images
  Operating System   Windows® XP

Windows® Vista

Windows® 7 / 8
  Storage Temperature   0ºC~60ºC
  Working Temperature   0ºC~60ºC
  Frame Rate   ~30 fps
  Video/photo file format   mpeg4 / jpg (640x480)
  Interface   USB
  LED indicator   Red light while in use
  System Weight   150g
  System Dimensions   159 x 40 x 44mm