Dansk NDT Teknik A/S

Founded in '99 as a oneman business, by Peter Hansen, with focus on providing RVI to the danish aerospace and windpower industries.

Alot has happened since then, and today Dansk NDT Teknik A/S delivers a big productcatalogue for any NDT business. Alot of which are held in stock for day-to-day deliveries.
Dansk NDT Teknik A/S is run on a daily basis by 3-4 employees with decades of combined experience in NDT.

1) Remote Visuel Inspection, endo- and boro-scopes
2) Non Destructive Testing (Sometimes referred to as NDE, Non Destructive Evaluation)

In '08 we launched our first webshop, NDTshop.dk - For ease of use and optimised order expedition with day-to-day delivery on most of our productcatalogue. Here we have collected produktinfo, pictures, videos, safetysheets and much more.

Today we have a wide range of products from manufacturers all over the world, among others are:

GE - Measurement and Control
MR Chemie
G.A.L. Gage

If there is anything  you can't find here on the webshop, we are always happy to help. In addition to our webshop products, we have a more comprehensive underlying catalogue that might include what you need.