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For price, contact us by Phone: (+45) 44 65 22 77 or Email: info@ndtvendor.com

A videoscope at the top of the class. The highest quality and best prices on the market!

For prices, contact us by phone at (+45) 44 65 22 77 or Email: info@ndtvendor.com

  • Quality
  • Great prices
  • Personal customer care

The market frontrunner

X2000 is an all new Quad HD videoscope system that introduces new standards for image quality. Combined with a price that is far below the rest of the market it is transforming the visuel inspection- and NDT-industry in general.

Where other endoscope and videoscope systems are limited to low definition images and videos, the X2000 by Mitcorp delivers an incredible resolution of 2560 x 1440 (Quad HD) for still images, and 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) for videos.


Precise and accurate colors

In addition to the very high resolution, the articulating and flexible videoscope delivers a previously unseen imaging and color clarity, live in the 7" display, which enables the user to identify and spot errors or flaws that would have previously been impossible to see. Specifically for weld inspections and with the common flaw that occurs with missing backing gas. The X2000 enables the inspector to see colors developed in and around the weld in relation to this common mistake. A feature that any system in any price range has previously had a very tough time of showing clearly.


Joystick control that works as intended

Get full and intuitive control of the videoprobe with this easy-to-use and precise joystick. With a full 360° articulation and, locking system and a control system that actually does as intended by the user, no more illogical or two-hand controls that hinders more than it's helping. The joystick on the X2000 just plain works.


Swap the probes
Mitcorp has developed an easy system for quick swapping of probes, for those hard to reach areas that require a longer probe. You can get back to work faster and without all the fuss. Just attach the required probe and go.
Probe lengths available in 2 m, 3 m, 5 m or 7 m.


Incredible pricing

In addition to all of these features you will get a price far below the rest of the market. Mitcorp is fast taking over and has launched with a very low introduction price compared to the rest of the market. Up to 2 and 3 times cheaper than the closest comparable systems.



- Super resolution image.  (Still image 2560 x 1440; Video 1920 x 1080)
- 100℃ resistance camera tip, and tungsten braided probe which is available in 2 m, 3 m, 5 m or 7 m lengths.
- Wide view angle 7" IPS TFT-LCD
- HDMI port to TV/monitor for HD quality image viewing
- USB type C port to PC as Web-Cam or SD card reader
- Wi-Fi connect to mobile devices to view and share pictures
- Advanced exposure value control
- Front / side Dual view (with mirror) at once
- Support image sharpness fine tune
- 100℃ resistance warning & auto shut down protection
- Patented particle free effect (with mirror)
- Editable image annotation
- Support user defined image storage folder
- Support user defined time stamp / logo watermark

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