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MR 670 F Penetrant fluorescent (Box of 12 cans)

€ 156

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Model/Product no.: #670F/4D
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12 cans of 500ml. MR® 670 F Penetrant fluorescent Level 0,5
for penetrant testing according to EN ISO 3452-1:2013
Level 0,5

General appearance and composition:
  • Water removable penetrant fluorescent, type I acc. to EN ISO 3452-1:2013
  • Free of mineral oil
  • Very good biodegradability according to EN ISO 9888
  • Suitable for all metals (suitability for plastics and ceramics needs testing prior to use)
  • Low background fluorescence
  • Testing security is guaranteed at work piece temperatures between +10 °C and +50 °C
  • Low water risk class WGK 1 (Germany)
  • Aerosol overhead sprayable

Relevant approvals and specifications
  • Sample testing acc. to EN ISO 3452-2:2006
  • Sensitivity class 0,5 acc. to EN ISO 3452-2:2006
System IAc
  • Remover: Water
  • Developer: MR® 703 W
  • Sensitivity class 0,5 acc. to EN ISO 3452-2:2006
System IAd
  • Remover: Water
  • Developer: MR® 70
  • Sensitivity class 0,5 acc. to EN ISO 3452-2:2006
System IAa
  • Remover: Water
  • Developer: MR® 81 T-R
  • Low content of halogens and sulphur according to EN ISO 3452-2:2006

  • Remove tinder, rust and other contaminations from surface in a suitable manner. A possible precleaner for removal of oils or fats is e.g. our remover MR® 79.
  • Apply MR® 670 F Penetrant fluorescent to the part to be tested either by spraying, brushing, flooding or dipping. Allow to penetrate for at least 5 minutes.
  • Remove excess penetrant from surface with water.

Wet developer:
  • Spray MR® Developer from a distance of approx. 20 cm on the dry surface. When using MR® water developer we recommend the use of our spraying unit MR® 8020 Hot-Air Equipment. 
Please note: If the developer layer is too thick tiny discontinuities will not appear through the developer.

Powder Developer:
  • Dust MR® Powder developer on dry surface (e.g. with electrostatic spray gun or powder ball).
  • Under UV-light surface defects will appear as yellow-green fluorescent indications.

Minimum shelf life:
  • Will keep for a minimum of 4 years, stored at room temperature

Pack sizes:
  • Aerosols, 500 ml (1 box contains 12 aerosols)
  • 5 L, 30 L, 200 L