OE 750

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The OE750 includes state of the art semiconductor detectors and a new optical concept (with four patents pending). This gives the Hitachi OES analyser the highest optical resolution in its class, so you don’t have to choose between high performance and low cost.

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Superior performance, incredible efficiency
The OE750 is a ground-breaking new OES metals analyser. Covering the complete spectrum of elements in metal, it also has some of the lowest detection limits in its class.
Tightening of industry regulations, complex supply chains and increased use of scrap as a base material means it’s crucial for foundries and metals manufacturers to control tramp and trace elements in the lowest ppm range. Historically, OES analysis at this level was out of reach  for many businesses. That’s now changed with the OE750 from Hitachi High-Tech.
This brand-new spark spectrometer allows you to analyse all main alloying elements and identify exceptionally low levels of tramp, trace and treatment elements in metals, such as nitrogen in steel. Fast measurement times, high reliability and low operating costs mean the OE750 is invaluable for everyday analysis and total quality control, with performance on a par with larger and more expensive spectrometers.
There are over 45 years of metals industry experience behind the design of the German-made OE750.  From measuring nitrogen in steel and iron to phosphorus in aluminium, this analyser gives you the comprehensive metals analysis you need to meet today’s  tough specifications.  
For fast, comprehensive metals quality analysis in a single affordable instrument, the OE750 from Hitachi High-Tech delivers everything you need.


Highest optical resolution in its class to control tramp and trace elements.


Affordable to buy and run, delivering the performance of more expensive analysers.


Engineered for reliability with minimum maintenance and standardisation requirements.


Rapid analysis and short start-up times for fast feedback on melt quality.

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