Equotip Live UCI

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The world’s first wireless Ultrasonic Contact Impedance (UCI) tester


Equotip Live UCI creates new opportunities for collaboration in portable ultrasonic hardness testing. The Equotip iOS app allows you to conduct measurements at a remote location and provide instant access of your results to your team. There is no longer a need to physically transport USB sticks or manually send reports by email.

The Equotip Live ecosystem helps you work together with greater efficiency, resulting in time and cost savings.

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  • Standard to large objects
  • Round objects
  • Light objects ( <2kg)
  • Very hard objects
  • Cast objects
  • Polished objects
  • Limited accessibility
  • Heat treated surfaces



  • ASTM A 1038
  • ASTM E 140
  • DIN 50159
  • ISO 18265
  • GB/T 34205-2017



  • DGZfP Guideline MC 1
  • VDI / VDE Guideline 2616 Paper 1
  • ASME CRTD-91