MR 750 Ultrasonic coupling agent (5 bottles of 250ML)


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This product contains 5 bottles of 250ml. ultrasonic coupling agent.

General appearance and composition:
MR® 750 Ultrasonic coupling agent with special corrosion inhibitor has been developed for ultrasonic testing in non destructive testing of materials. 

· water based
· accoustically exact
· optimal conducting capacity
· high viscosity, not dripping
· with corrosion inhibitor
· free of fat, silicone and formaldehyde
· water soluble
· odourless
· not toxic
· contact with skin and clothes: indifferent; pH-value approx. 8,0

Relevant approvals and specifications
· Determination of chlorine-, fluorine- and sulphur-contents in accordance with ASME Code V, Art. 5, T-533 and ASME Code V, Art. 6, T-641 an EN 9934-2

· Apply MR® 750 on the surface of materials. Bring probe into contact with the surface and begin testing. MR® 750 will disperse evenly under the probe.
· MR® 750 may be used for coated materials, plastics, rubber/metal-compounds, etc.
Temperature range: -10°C to +80°C.
· After testing remove MR 750 from the surface with a dry cloth, with water or with MR® 88 Remover.

Minimum shelf life:
· Will keep for a minimum of 2 years, stored at room temperature


Safety datasheet:


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