MR 902 Crack detection unit, mobile

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The MR ®-Mobile power pack provides maximum AC magnetizing currents up to 2000 Amps.
The test current is indicated in effective values by a digital display, and is infinitely adjustable.
Further power packs are available on request!

MR ® 902 Crack detection unit, mobile is provided with the following built-in standard functions:

Constant current magnetization
Constant current is initiated after actuating a foot or hand switch. An electronic system regulates the test current from 0 to maximum in approx. 200 ms, which avoids unnecessary peak loading of the mains supply.

Impulse magnetization
If the impulse operation is selected a sequence of single impulses is provided according to a factory - set on/off duty cycle of (1 s/1 s).

After preselection of the demagnetization the test current is regulated from the set maximum value to 0 in approx 600 ms.