Buy AESUB 3D Scanning spray at

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Buy AESUB 3D Scanning spray at
Buy AESUB 3D Scanning spray at is proud of adding AESUB 3D Scanning spray to our product catalog.

The breakthrough sprays consists of 2 different kinds:


AESUB Blue, which evaporates and requires no cleanup and is designed to be free of any pigments.

AESUB White, a more permanent spray, specifically designed without titanium diodixe nano particles (Free of TiO2). Where other sprays might contaminate the object being scanned, you have nothing to worry about with AESUB White.


No need to deal with the hassle of using airbrushes and mixing your own concentrations each and every time. Just spray and scan.


Safety datasheets and technical specifications can be found under "Downloads" in the individual productpages.