Magnetis - Residual field strength meter


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Residual field strength meter Magnetis Residual and/or DC magnetic field strength digital meter, incl. carrying case and calibration certificate, unit: A/m

G71 L MAGNETIS is designed to test residual magnetism after demagnetization of components, for instance parts which were inspected by magnetic testing. It is equipped with a data processing algorithm which allows a quick reaction to value changing while displaying a stable measurement.

This device complies with EMC European standard.
It is not appropriate for the measurement of AC magnetic field.

Detection specifications
Sensor: Hall effect sensor SS495A
Measurement range: from - 47 000 to 47 000 A/m
Resolution: From 0 to 100 A/m: 1 A/m > 100 A/m: 10 A/m

Mechanical and environmental characteristics
Dimensions: Case: 120 mm x 65 mm x 22 mm Probe: Ø 10mm x L 27,5mm
Weight: 180 g incl. battery
Case: Reinforced ABS plastic Humidity & Dust tightness: IP64